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Call for Expressions of Interest - CEI

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An opportunity to develop activities in the maritime or logistical sector with a location established in a port area projected towards the Mediterranean.

The Harbours of Toulon managed by the Var CCI are launching a call for expressions of interest (CEI) for providing plots of land in the public port area in support of developing the maritime activities of the operators in the Harbours of Toulon and the surrounding area.


  • Plots ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 m²
  • At the heart of the port industrial zone of La Seyne-Brégaillon
  • A secure area backing onto a freight terminal providing multimodal access: sea, road, rail, sea-river


The Var CCI is launching this CEI with the aim of generating proposals which will allow the port industrial zone to support: the development of freight flows, the establishment of new port services and a logistics industry, the embedding of innovative marine activities as part of an environmentally friendly approach.


Development of the Harbours of Toulon

The Var CCI is responsible for the development of commercial terminals within the Harbours of Toulon and of the the Port Industrial Zone of La Seyne Brégaillon. The strategic roadmap aims, in the case of the Brégaillon Freight Terminal and in the short term, to promote diversification and increase the volume of roll-on/roll-off, bulk material and heavy goods traffic, for which the Brégaillon Freight Terminal has acquired recognised expertise in the market. While consolidating ro-ro activities involving new vehicles, the Var CCI has already begun to open up to new customers and traffic involving bulk and conventional materials.


Several plots in La Seyne-Brégaillon Port Industrial Zone are coming to the end of their Temporary authorisation for occupation. Driven by market demand and evolving trends in maritime and onshore logistics and in compliance with the rules related to occupation in the public maritime sector and in order to ensure transparency and equal treatment for potential candidates wishing to occupy public land, the Var CCI will put 6 lots out to competitive tender based on the CEI procedure.


Through this call for expressions of interest (CEI) for the development of areas in the Port Industrial Zone of Brégaillon at La Seyne-sur-Mer, the Var CCI wishes to make plots of land available together or separately for the implementation of industrial development projects, maritime and onshore logistical projects or even new port services likely to ensure the development of the commercial port's activity and carried out based on an environmentally responsible and innovative approach.
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